Digital Walk is a digital guide for outdoor exhibits that uses AR and context awareness to help tourists find their way to the main sights of Thessaloniki. The scope of the application is the cultural promotion through technology which creates a whole new sightseeing experience. Project owned and developed by EXEO.

  • Overview

    The app helps the user to discover the sights in a walk between points of interest (POI's) and the guidance from a digital 3D human model.

  • Problems

    • A quick solution for tourist guide with the less possible effort and attention on screen.
    • Wayfinding through just walking since walking from one sight to another is a common thing for tourists.
    • The feeling of trust and company following someone who knows.

  • Proposed solutions

    A 3D model guide is projected with Augmented Reaality through a phone camera, above the real scene, appearing walking as the user walks towards the direction of the desired POI. User follows the model while watching the remaining distance in countdown on the top of the screen. User also is able to find POI's moving the phone with the horizon line around him then select one POI to read info or make it active for the model's course.

  • Method

    High fidelity prototypes were designed and tested in User research (usability test, questionnaire) in order to formatively improve the design of the app.

  • Role

    UX/UI design
    UX evaluation

  • Prototype link
  • App link
    Google Play
  • App Store
  • Project Specifications

    Duration: 6 months