Product design should be both enjoyable and efficient. Thus, as a designer I make sure that my designs serve the purposes of a project. The method is to gain a deep understanding of the customer needs, pay attention to the project requirements and share a common vision with partners. With a user-centered approach and a focus on user experience I strive to design intuitive and meaningful user interfaces and products. 


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In my background of 15 years in communication design I was very early excited about web and interaction. Having gathered skills and experience in graphic arts, visual design, and advertising I entered the UX/UI domain as a motivated enthusiast and expertise. I’ve collaborated with clients and teams on projects varying from web, app, to branding experiences. My specialty is about designing and iteratively refining viable ideas and delivering effective solutions, supporting engineers, and helping brands to elevate. In my creative process I embrace the diversity of styles along with the latest design innovations. I like to evolve, keep learning and getting inspired.


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